Flower trends of 2019

There are some exciting new flower trends for 2019. Here are some of the most popular:

1. The charm of coral

The Colour of The Year 2019, as chosen by Pantone, is Living Coral. Florists are likely to fly with this trend and arrange flowers in this warm peach tone. Flowers in this colour scheme include anything from peonies to gladiolus.
Peach roses are proving to also be a favoured choice by florists and their customers. Not only are roses like Pearl Avalanche in demand, but also Shimmer.

2. Monochromatic arrangements

Block-colour flower arrangements are going to be all the rage this year. By focusing on creating bouquets using flowers with the same colour variation, you will achieve a clever unified look, with graduated tones that are often popular in bridal bouquets. This season’s look for monochromatic arrangements is really popular, especially in all-white. Minimal contrast can be achieved with greenery or ribbons.

3. Foliage power

2019 displays are also set to see an injection of green in the form of traditional foliage and elegant grasses, adding texture and movement. The desire to turn to a natural look by using established greenery like a clematis, also known as old man’s beard, will result in a glorious display. This foliage choice looks amazing when used in trailing bridal bouquets, but it can also add texture and movement to larger arrangements, or even as a circular base for a wreath.

4. Japanese zen

The ancient Japanese art of flower arranging can include branches, flowers and various foliage displayed at different angles. This minimalistic flower arranging style will bring harmony to bouquets.

5. Seasons are key

Using flowers that are in season, British-grown where possible, continues to be a very popular trend, especially with more people looking to reduce their carbon footprints. 

6. Dried flowers are a thing

Without a doubt, dried flowers are coming back! Renewed interest in these long-lasting flowers is increasing, as more and more varieties are being produced. Varieties like Helichrysum, known as straw-flower, but also dried Rodanthe, which is a daisy-like bloom from the Aster family, are popular, as well as roses.
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