Choosing the right flowers for any occasion

Flowers are a perfect way of expressing your emotions and feelings. Whether you want to show appreciation, sympathy or congratulate someone, a good bouquet will do the trick. The question is, how do you choose the right flowers for each occasion?

Flowers to show sympathy

When choosing flowers for a bereaved person, you need to choose a flower arrangement that perfectly represents hope and life. The colour white is traditionally associated with sympathy. You can, therefore, choose an arrangement that includes orchids, white lilies, irises, white roses, carnations, or gladioli. You can explore more colourful arrangements if you knew the departed was someone who loved life.

Romantic occasions

Roses make a perfect arrangement when it comes to expressing love on Valentine’s Day, a wedding anniversary, or any other romantic occasion. Pink and red blooms eloquently speak the language of love. However, if you want to try something unique for your better half, don’t shy away from trying different flower species and colours.

Celebrating birthdays

The secret to choosing the right birthday flower arrangement is going bright and bold. Yellow flowers are ideal since they signify friendship, happiness and optimism. But don’t limit yourself. If you know a specific colour that the recipient loves, go ahead and include it in the arrangement. 

Celebrating a newborn baby

While you can choose any colour to celebrate a newborn occasion, it does no harm to opt for traditional pastel tones. If it’s a baby boy, choose an arrangement that has blue flowers, and if it’s a girl, the arrangement should have some pink blooms. If you’d rather stay neutral, opt for upbeat yellow and white.

Graduation celebration

There are a variety of flowers that you can choose to congratulate a loved on his graduation day including roses, orchids and lilies. To help you pick the right colour, why not consider a bouquet that blends with the graduate’s school colours?

Before sending flowers for any occasion, you need to understand the meaning and the essence of each type of flowers. At Blossom Lane Florist, we can help – get in touch today to find out more.

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